How to make shredded chicken with hand mixer?

There is different way to shred chicken. One of my favorite ways to make shredded chicken with a hand mixer. With all that life throws at you, sometimes you need a little help from a kitchen appliance.

shredded chicken

Shredded chicken

Here is sunbeam mixmaster combo hand & stand mixer you can purchase to make shredding chicken that much easier and in this article, I use it to answer question: How to shred chicken with hand mixer?

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What things do you need to make shredded chicken

  • A hand mixer to shred chicken
  • A Chicken. I usually start with half a chicken breast per person, or if they are small breasts, then one per person
    A large pan filled with water (if you want, you can also use a slow cooker or an instant pot instead)
  • A clean bowl
  • Ingredients you may want for your shredded chicken ( taco seasoning, buffalo sauce, bar-b-que sauce, Moroccan seasonings, paprika and so on…)
  • Frying pan with a bit of oil so you can later prepare whatever style of chicken you want.
  • A family filled with empty stomachs.

Instructions to shred the chicken

The first step in shredding chicken is to cook it. Prepare your chicken. I often clean the pulled chicken prior to cooking with it. You do not have to do this if you do not feel necessary, but I do it just so I think all of the salmonellae is gone. Then I dry it off with a paper towel, and it is now clean to my standards.

Raw chicken does not shred well, so it’s important that it first be fully cooked.

Any cooking method is fine, whether baking, boiling, or cooking in the slow cooker or in the instant pot. My favorite method is to pan simmer boneless chicken breasts or thighs, as this produces tender and moist chicken that shreds beautifully.

And pan simmering is easy . I love this easy way.

In the event that you are utilizing a slower cooker (or an instant pot) I additionally suggest you to place the chicken in water and put the kitchen apparatus on low or medium. Allow it to cook for at least 2 hours. The more you cook the chicken, it is simpler to shred it.

Once the cooked chicken is ready, it is time to place it in a sturdy bowl. You need to make sure that the bowl will be able to handle the best hand held mixer you have. Once the chicken is in the bowl, allow them to cool. You do not want to shred the chicken hot as it is easier to do when cool. I would advise you allow the chicken to cool for at least 30 minutes, if not a bit longer.

shredding chicken with a mixer

Shredding chicken with a mixer

To shred chicken breast with a hand held mixer or a stand mixer, tear the cooked chicken into big pieces with your hands and place the pieces in a deep mixing bowl. You don’t want the bowl to be too full (hello, flying chicken pieces!), so work with no more than two cooked chicken breasts or thighs in your bowl at a time.

Press the beaters of your mixer down onto a piece of the cooked chicken, turn the mixer on to low speed, and let the beaters pull the boneless chicken through them, creating shredded chicken.

Continue pressing the beaters down and shredding chicken until it’s fully shredded.

Repeat the process with any remaining boneless chicken breasts or thighs you’ve got, again, working with only two breasts or thighs in your bowl at a time. Now the chicken is shredded.

And that’s all it takes to shred chicken!

The result is beautifully shredded chicken that can be used in a variety of tasty dinners for your family.

Shredding Chicken with a Fork

The most well-known procedure for shredding chicken is with a fork. This technique is so fast and simple!

However, you’ll need two forks, really. To shred chicken with two forks, basically place one fork in the chicken piece to hold it set up. At that point turn the second fork over and place it close to the edge of the chicken piece.

shredding chicken with a fork

Shredding chicken with a fork

Utilize the prongs of the subsequent fork (the topsy turvy one) to pull chicken pieces away, to make shreds. The primary fork should remain still, while the turned over fork does all the shredding work.

Proceed until all procedure of shredding is finished.


Once your chicken is finely shredded, take your frying pan and heat the extra virgin olive oil (it always adds a nice, light, fragrant flavor to the chicken) and then place your shredded chicken and heat it up once again. You can now decide what you want to do with the shredded chicken. My three favorites are Bar-b-que, Buffalo or Taco.

For Bbq chicken, I suggest you utilize a dry rub or sauce. With the dry rub you can simply sprinkle it on top and permit it to daintily stew in the pan. In the event that cooking with the bison sauce, you don’t have to stew it as since a long time ago it is covered on the chicken. You would then be able to serve the Bar-b-que chicken on a Kaiser move with natural corn, plate of mixed greens and an invigorating lemonade

For Buffalo chicken, simply add the buffalo sauce to the shredded chicken and permit it so stew. You can serve on top of a plate of mixed greens with blue cheese or farm dressing and drink. You can change the warmth settings by picking which buffalo sauce to utilize. I will in general go spicier since I appreciate a pleasant kick, however for those less brave, you can go for a gentle or medium zest.

Tacos are consistently a family top choice. I suggest adding a little onion with the shredded chicken and taco preparing mix. You can either do delicate shell tacos, hard shell tacos or even enchiladas, quesadillas or other heavenly Mexican food varieties. Serve it with rice, beans and corn and surprisingly a margarita for your beverage.

Presently the time has come to serve it to your ravenous family! Your family will be happy with every one of the three renditions of the shredding chicken recipes. You can without much of a stretch make the shredding chicken once per week, and save the chicken for various dishes. You and your family will like it!


So what’s your opinion about this simple to follow control how to make shredded chicken with a hand mixer? It is really simple, correct? Your ravenous family is cheerful, and you had the option to satisfy everybody.

All you need is a pot, chicken, water, the best hand held mixer two or three thoughts for your simple to do shredded chicken supper. Who said that all shredded chicken dishes were terrible for you? You should simply to to take time to decider what you eat with it.

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